Solar Energy in Businesses

Solar energy for business is easier than you think. The demand for electricity is getting higher and higher in South Africa, with economics and then the fossil fuels running out as they are not renewable and soon there will be almost nothing left to give much needed energy to households and businesses. There are alternative choices available to help save electricity. To save money in the long run, consider is solar energy for your business. South Africa has a the sun, and it is a renewable source of energy. Besides saving fossil fuels and the atmosphere as they are releasing dangerous gasses and it is harming the earth so by turning to solar energy, you are saving on electricity cost and have power when everyone else lights go off.

Advantages of solar energy in your business: (H2)

  • SA has a consistent supply of “sun”
  • Alarms and security does not have to be cut with load shedding
  • Electricity is increasing
  • Reduced long term cost
  • Increase the value of your businesses
  • Solar can be used intermittently with mainstream electricity where needed
  • Staff are more aware of electricity usage and more likely to save
  • Businesses can use solar in areas where there is no main stream electricity supply

What to know about panels for your business

  1. There are 2 types of panels, Solar Thermal which uses the suns warmth to create heat and Photovoltaic panels which use the suns light.
  2. Solar panels do not need to be directly at the sun to work. It can still work on cloudy days and in winter.
  3. You will not need to get permission to install solar panels domestically as long as it does not go past 200mm. If it does, you will need permission.


As well, a businesses aim is to make a profit and not a loss. Using solar panels can help your business go further, and even with the cost in the beginning it will help you later when you would have had troubles, you would be a going, stable company. Businesses use a lot of electricity for technology, fridges, lights and many more things. It can get very expensive. The cost of the solar energy is one of the cheapest energies to use after purchase cost so using it will let you save money. The solar panels are given of up to 25 year warranty. A solar panel can work at night from using the stored energy and even can only get a small amount of energy from the moonlight. Once they are installed, there will be little maintenance needed to keep them running.


Employees will be looking to work at a place where they can see a sustainable minded business and a future for the business direction of work. With the money saved the business will have a further path to travel and the employees will be happy where they are working. The happier the workers, the happier the customers.


Impress your customers with solar panels on the parking. Solar energy improves green points Using the solar panels it will attract customers that will give a big contract as they see the business is part of using solar panel and going green because it is helping the earth and means the business cares for its surroundings.


Solar energy systems will improve your branding, as the company has acquired new technology for energy and is forward thinking. If a business is using solar panels, staff will be made more aware or saving electricity.


Four basic pieces needed of energy equipment:

Solar panels- gets energy from the sun and makes it available for conversion into electricity

Batteries- stores the energy for nights or none sunny days

Charge controller- prevents battery to overcharge and increases its life and performance

Power inverter- convert low voltage DC to the 120 volts AC that is needed for appliances, also to Charge batteries if connected to a utility grid or an AC Generator.

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