Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems


Why should you consider Commercial Solar Systems for your business?

Solar for commercial properties is starting to grow in popularity at a rapid rate. Decreasing of your electricity cost, tax incentives, long-term sustainability and reducing your CO2 footprint are major factors in the decision making process, but not to forget being able to move away from unreliable electricity suppliers and the constant power outages and load shedding that affect your bottom line.

Are there tax advantages in having Commercial Solar Systems?

Yes there are fantastic tax advantages in that 100% of the cost of the solar PV installation can be deducted from the company’s income tax in year one. Yes, you heard correctly, where a car is written off over 5-6 years, your PV solar system can be written off in one tax year.

Decreasing your electricity bill:

The main aim for many businesses is to reduce their electricity bill by a substantial amount. As most businesses operate during the day from 08:00 – 17:00 this is the time that they can create the biggest saving. This is the period when all of the staff are at the office using office equipment and manufacturing machinery.

A commercial solar system most commonly used is a Grid-Tie System whereby you will use the sun’s energy as much as possible during the day to avoid having to tap into the grid. This system has no battery back up but by putting up solar panels with an SMA inverter you can let the sun power your business with a payback period that is relatively short (less than 5 years). As the system is not completely grid-independent you can still draw from it when there is a shortage of solar energy or during the evenings.


Commercial Solar Solutions

Is loading shedding or an unreliable electricity supply affecting your business?

It is not a secret that a business needs to be productive and cannot afford to stand still for indefinite periods of time. If there is no power you have staff sitting around being unproductive, machinery not being used and your business will come to a stand still. In some cases the power outages can last days at a time, costing your business a small fortune.

By putting in a Hybrid System with battery back-up you will never have to worry about this again. The system will use the solar energy that is created by the panels during the day to run your business as well as charge your batteries. Should your business still need to be productive through the nighttime period you can run it off the batteries and the batteries will also be your back-up during the day should load-shedding occur. This will give you peace-of-mind that your business can operate around the clock without any drops in power.

Financing for Commercial Solar Systems:

We do have financial partners that can assist with the financing of your commercial PV system which means that you don’t have to feel the pinch of a large capital layout.

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