Heat Your Pool and Stay Cool. With an Electric Pool Heater


Polar bears like to swim in a pool full of ice while drinking cream soda. Us homo sapiens vary a little when it comes to our temperature preferences. This is why electric pool heaters have been increasing steadily in popularity in the last few years. They have had overwhelming success at keeping pools warm in winter and cool in summer.Electric Pool Heaters

An electric pool heater works like this: X -Yz ½ gravitational air pull = 4 ½ upsend heat retention.

Basically, an electric pool heater warms your pool by sucking water into a heating tank, then pumping the warm water back into your pool.


Why does the polar bear say you should own an electric pool heater?


Electronic pool heaters are insanely efficient.

While electric resistance pumps and gas heating pumps are faster, they consume a crazy amount of energy.

This is because of the way they run – electric resistance heaters require resistors to heat up your pool, and gas burners burn fuel.

Electric pool heaters require only natural air.

They draw the hot air in from outside, use a fan and a compressor to convert it directly to heat energy, and then transfer it to your water. They use very little electricity to do this.

Electric pool heaters use 1kw of electricity for every 5kw of heat they give out.

On the COP system (Coefficient of Performance) the electric pool heater has a rating of 6.0. Compared to electric resistance heaters and gas heaters which both share a COP of below 1.0


Can electrical pool heaters be used to cool your pool as well?


Hell, yeah! Some electric pool heaters can be used to both heat and cool your swimming pool. These are called reverse cycle heat pumps. They work by reversing their refrigeration

cycles. This mean that you will be doing backflips in your swimming pool in summer and belly flops in your pool in summer.


Are they cost effective?


Although the price of electric pool heaters are a bit more expensive than traditional gas heaters, or electric resistance heaters, it costs significantly more to operate both an electric resistance heater, or a gas heater. In the long run you will be saving dramatically when using an electric pool heater.


Are electric pool heaters durable?


Electric pool heaters are one of the longest lasting pool heating solutions on the market.

In, general electric resistance heaters last from 3-5 years. Electric pool heaters last anywhere from 10-20 years.

If you consistently use your electric pool heater, you’ll prolong it’s lifespan. With regular use you prevent corrosion and dirt build up. You can easily extend the lifespan of your electric pool heater even further, by scheduling annual maintenance and check ups.

Polar Bear Joe is floating on the pool now. He is very happy with you. He’s happy that you’ve made the right decision. He’s happy that you’ve read this piece of stellar information.

Happy pool floating.