Energy Audits


Our Energy Audits are the most comprehensive in the country, giving you a 16 page report on every facet of your property’s energy usage. These audits allow our customers to understand their energy consumption patterns and how to ultimately save on energy costs. Through the energy audit, energy hungry appliances and poor energy behaviour patterns can be identified and corrected.

The energy audit does not only identify savings for the client but will also assist us in building a PV system (Photovoltaic) which is customised to the client’s energy demand and prevents building oversized systems.

We connect extremely accurate leads to each circuit in your distribution board whereby we are able to track energy usage levels and patterns. We do this by leaving our Snitch Data loggers connected to your board for a two week period to capture an accurate profile

Once we remove the loggers we will set up a time to take you through a detailed analysis report which not only gives you the exact profile of your energy consumption but we identify and suggest energy and ultimately cost saving tips.

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