A grid tied solar system is an entry level system without battery back-up, although it is possible to add battery back-up at a later stage should you feel the need.

This system is purely aimed at reducing your electricity bill each month. When the sun is shining on the the solar panels all day this system will feed your house instead of Eskom. When the sun goes down in the evening or if there happens to be overcast weather then Eskom will once again take over. If sized correctly this system can cover all of your daytime electricity costs in either your house or business.


Pricing and components for our different sized Grid Ties Solar Systems

Pricing From (incl VAT 15%)R 47 195R 62 850R 74 520R 83 215R 91 285R 104 330
270 watt Canadian Solar Panel6911131518
SMA Energy Meter111111
PV Mounting For Tiled Roof6911131518
Potential Daily Generation in kW7kW10kW13kW15kW18kW21kW


  • This system is priced for the installation on a tiled roof. Different roof types such as IBR or a flat roof may affect the price as all mounting systems differ in cost and are roof specific.
  • The pricing is for installation in the Pretoria area and surrounds. This does not take into account long distance travel costs.
  • The pricing allows for cabling up to 15 metres from the inverter.
  • The inverter is to be installed within 2 metres of the main DB board.
  • The price excludes all electrical work on the main DB board to get ready for the inverter. This cost is for the clients account.
  • This system is only available for single phase houses.
  • We cannot guarantee this price until we have inspected the site to ascertain all aspects of the install.

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