Why choose solar for your Industrial business?

One of the biggest expenses incurred by industrial type businesses such as factories, manufacturing plants or farms is without a doubt electricity along with maintenance.

By becoming self-reliant, going green and harnessing the power of the sun you will be well on your way to resolving this expensive issue. Our solar solutions can meet most requirements and are maintenance free.

The services that we offer are turnkey from an energy audit to the design and engineering, followed by complete installation of the solar power system. By first evaluating your electricity consumption we can get a good profile of how to size a system taking in key factors to make sure that you get a seamless power supply even when there may be load shedding or scheduled maintenance interruptions.

Batttery back up options can also be included depending on your requirements.

Are there tax advantages?

Yes there are fantastic tax advantages in that 100% of the cost of the solar PV installation can be deducted from the company’s income tax in year one. Yes, you heard correctly, where a car is written off over 5-6 years, your PV solar system can be written off in one tax year.


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