KwikSol Solar Geysers


KwikSol Solar Geysers are a product of the South African company Kwikot  which was established in 1903. Kwikot Solar Geysers are market leaders when it comes to domestic hot water storage systems. As a supplier of solar geysers across Southern Africa, only the very best products are marketed and sold. Kwikot’s commitment to quality is proven by the fact that it was the first company to manufacture electric water heaters to the South African National Standards specification (SANS 151) – previously the South African Bureau of Standards.


KwikSol Solar Geysers are the solar water heating range of solar geysers that are offered by Kwiksol for domestic household application.

System types are available as direct and indirect variants. This means that there is a solar system for all climatic conditions, notable frost-prone and frost-free areas.

Solar water heating systems are not only about saving the environment and going green, but also about the savings made on the household electricity bill. On average, 40-46% of a households electricity usage is just to heat water. So just imagine how much can be saved by installing an efficient solar systems.

Kwikot’s high pressure solar water heating systems are manufactured to comply with SANS 1307, are SANS 400kPa approved, and come with the option of close coupled (thermosyphon circulation) and split (pumped circulation) systems.

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ProductPrice (incl VAT)Prices exclude installation costs
150L Full SystemR18850150L Storage Tank, 1 x 2 sq/m Collector, Element
200L Full SystemR21675200L Storage Tank, 1 x 2,5 sq/m Collector, Element
300L Full SystemR32300300L Storage Tank, 2 x 2 sq/m Collectors, Element

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