Monbat Batteries

Monbat Batteries


Monbat Batteries from Solterra. Monbat is a fast developing company which manufactures lead-acid batteries for various applications. Its products have been present on the international market  for more than 50 years.



Monbat 12V AGM Batteries

The Monbat 12V AGM battery is a European made deep cycle battery well suited to battery back-up applications and they have the following characteristics:

  • A 12 year design life.
  • Extremely high cycle life and float life performance.
  • Easy installation and maintenance free.
  • Fully recyclable battery.
  • Length: 555 mm.
  • Width:125 mm.
  • Height: 320 mm.
  • Weight: 57.3 kg.





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ProductPrice (incl VAT)
12MVR 180AhR4812-75

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