Nobel Solar Geyser Systems combine high performance, autonomy, simple installation and cost effectiveness. Produced with the most refined raw materials, always according to the international standards, holds all the certificates which guarantee it’s quality. The Nobel water tank features ABS UV Proof plastic decorative covers that offer a new approach to aesthetics.


Replacing your electric geyser with a solar geyser is one of the biggest cost saving exercises that you can do in your home. You should see a reduction of between 40-46% on your entire bill once this simple installation is complete. We offer 100l and 200l Thermosyphon Systems in the Nobel range.

  • Closed-loop or Open-loop.
  • Only with glass collectors.
  • Double or triple action.





(Please note that due constant fluctuations with the exchange rate we cannot guarantee these prices. Please contact us to confirm the exact price)

ProductPrice (incl VAT)Prices exclude installation costs
100L Full SystemR15140100L Storage Tank, 1,5m Collector, Support Base, Element
200L Full SystemR20155200L Storage Tank, 2,6m Collector, Support Base, Element

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