How Solar Panels Make You Money.

Turning your home into a money making machine.

Saving Money with Solar Panels

How Solar Panels Make You Money

Don’t listen to those placards that tell you saving energy is only about ‘saving the planet’. It’s also about saving money – your money.

Whether it’s the middle of a hot summer or the dead of winter solar energy has the ability to save you money. Ok, so you won’t have saved up enough for a new cadillac at the end of the month, but you would have saved enough to ease the burdens on your bank account, and put money in your pocket for all those extra little pleasures that make life so special. Plus, you could even give your house an energy efficient makeover – by upgrading your doors and windows, insulating your attic and cavity walls – which in turn will give even more of your money back.

Due to rising cost of living many South Africans don’t save at the recommended rate of 15% of income. You have the power to save money and energy in your own home. A simple change of mind can add up to serious savings, and who wouldn’t want to continue to power their electronic devices and home appliances while saving money?

So, let’s take a look at 5 different ways the installation of solar panels to your home will help you to both make and save money.

Saving Money with Solar Panels #1

The most notable and obvious benefit of a switch to solar is that – the instant your solar panels are installed they become operational and begin saving you money, offsetting your installation costs – solar panels have a very long lifespan, being able to provide power for up to forty years. While the exact savings will look a little different from household to household – you will end up saving money on the very first month by gathering your own solar energy, even if you’re starting with a small system. The savings grow as you add more panels and switch over to more green appliances that use energy efficiently – you’ll no longer be paying an electric bill. With four decades of saving on electricity bills, the average South African family can aim to save around half a million rand,

Saving Money with Solar Panels #2

With no clear end in sight to eskom’s raising the electricity levy each year – going solar also releases consumers from the price volatility of the electricity grid. Installing solar power will allow you to rest easy each night – harnessing the free power of the sun by collecting and storing solar energy.

Saving Money with Solar Panels #3

Installing solar panels on your home increases its value. It may not sound that great right now, especially if you’re not thinking about selling anytime soon but people who are looking to buy a home that already have solar panels installed in them, will expect to pay less over the long run in energy costs. This will allow for greater appreciation on your homes value, and will also play an important role in ensuring a higher resale value.