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Solar geysers for homes and office in Johannesburg

Advantages of owning solar geysers: 

  • Solar geysers can save you an average of 40% on your monthly electricity account.
  • Solterra offers a variety of different sized water solar geysers – including international brands.
  • You will have consistently hot water.
  • Longer warranties and minimum service requirements.
  • All of our products are SABS approved, aesthetically pleasing and suitable for all roof types which will give you peace of mind.

Installing a solar geyser protects the environment

Installing a solar geyser for your home or office will provide you with reliable hot water while saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. The cost of a standard electric geyser is generally the most expensive part of your monthly electricity bill, so just by making this small change to solar geysers you will be taking the first step towards conserving energy and money. The initial investment is often thought to be quite high but when you look at a payback period of between 2-4 years you will then find it to be extremely rewarding afterwards as you embark on the start of your solar energy journey with Solterra’s solar geyser installation.

What is the payback period for installing a solar geyser?

The payback period is dependent on the amount of energy you use, your electricity tariff and the size of geyser that you need. We will be able to assist in calculating a payback length of time for you to receive your money back by using a solar geyser. While the payback may seem like a long time – you must consider the monthly savings during that time where you can shave up to 40% off your monthly bill.

We offer 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 500 litre solar geysers to suit your water heating requirements and make use of the Nobel brand.

All of the above products are made from only the best quality materials and one of the main differences is that our selected products use an indirect thermo-syphon system. This means that the technology heats an anti-freeze fluid that flows through the solar panels (collectors) and then efficiently exchanges energy inside the tank to heat your water. This anti-freeze fluid works reliably in all weather conditions, including extreme hot or cold. Older technology relies on your water running through the solar collectors directly, however calcium build-up in the pipes can cause wear and tear.

Where is Solterra based?

Solterra is a solar energy company based in Midstream, Pretoria, but supplies and installs solar geysers in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas as well.

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